About Us

100% of our winery energy is sourced from wind & solar power.  
We are Australian Made
All our grapes are sourced from premium Australian vineyards and then crafted with 100% renewable energy at our Buronga Hill Winery in New South Wales, before being transported 20 minutes down the road into Victoria where these delicious wines are then bottled.
Our winery is powered by 100% solar & wind energy
Our Buronga Hill Winery has one of the largest privately-owned solar parks at an Australian winery, and together with wind power, our winery is powered by 100% solar and wind energy. Our bottling facility is powered by 100% Green energy, from wind and solar power sources. 
Our label is bio-degradable
Our labels are made of bagasse - a sugarcane fibre waste product. For every 10 tonnes of sugarcane crushed, a factory will produce nearly 3 tonnes of wet bagasse. Instead of being disposed of as waste, its used as a label material. Sugarcane is more eco-friendly than regular paper from trees, as it is biodegradable and returns nutrients to the soil.
100% of our winery wastewater is recycled
The nutrient-rich water from our winery operations is now being used to irrigate 426 acres; 100-acre dryland crop pasture, our 126-acre vineyard and our winery woodlots and gardens. We plant alternate crops on the dryland pasture, including barley, oats and lucerne, and then bale it up for local farmers. 
Congratulations to our Off the Grid promotion winner!
Cheers to L. Leadon from NSW who is the winner of our Win an Off the Grid Escape promotion!  We hope you enjoy your prize!
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